• Daimaster Furniture
    Daimaster Furniture

    Daimaster is a manufacture based on Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The manufacture is specialist for accessories for furniture, like hinge, push plate, magnet, handle, foot base, drawer slice and more.

  • Atlantis Antique
    Atlantis Antique

    By producing indoor and garden furnitures base production, Atlantis Antique is now becomes the exporting company that produce any kind furnitures like dressing & mirror, armoire, buffet, chest sets or plants stands.

  • Berdikari Meubel Nusantara
    Berdikari Meubel Nusantara

    Berdikari Meubel Nusantara, was start the business since 1998 in Pandaan, East Java. This manufacture is a furniture manufacture for bench and chair specialist, indoor and outdoor teakwood and aluminium furniture that produce furnitures made from teak and aluminium combined with polyethylene material.

  • Metro Furnitures
    Metro Furnitures

    Metro Furnitures is a manufacturer from Jember, East Java, which near to Bali - Indonesia. It produce and sell any kind of home furniture like: armoire, tables, dining set, cabinet, bench, sofa, beds, chairs, indoor furniture, classic furniture and garden furniture and more.

  • Bonn Möbel Furniture
    Bonn Möbel Furniture

    Bonn Möbel Furniture that located in Semarang – Central Java, Indonesia is an Indonesian Company, which specialized in furniture export business in any kind furniture, such as wooden (teak, mahogany and pine), rattan, bamboo, wrought iron and also material combined; produces tables, desks, beds, cabinets, chairs, etc.

  • Hidayat Export
    Hidayat Export

    Hidayat Export is a furniture manufacturer and exporter located in Jepara, Central Java - Indonesia. They have been producing furniture products for more than 5 years, with products range of indoor furnitures.

  • A Amin Furniture
    A Amin Furniture

    A Amin Furniture is a furniture manufacturer located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. They produce furniture made of wood Mahogany with various types of indoor furniture design.

  • Java Décor
    Java Décor

    Java Décor is furniture manufacturer and exporter of furniture like antique reproduction furniture, colonial furniture, garden furniture and furniture with bamboo combination. The products including; bed, cabinet, lounge, desk, table, etc. It is located in Central Java, Indonesia.

  • Cipta Antique
    Cipta Antique

    Cipta Antique, is a manufacturer and exporter of indoor, outdoor and recycled furniture with selected material of teak, rattan, banana leaf, and water hyacinth, it also provide accessories and handicrafts from various materials. It was established in 1998 and located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

  • Makmala Furniture
    Makmala Furniture

    Makmala furniture is wooden furniture company that produces indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and many other classified furniture with custom-made design which preferable for customers. It is located on Jepara, central Java, Indonesia.

  • Yestoya Sofa
    Yestoya Sofa

    Sofa is supposed to be identify the user's personality. Yestoya Sofa is the manufacturer for custom made and repair sofa. Located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Since 2007, they build to customized the personality by its sofa.

  • Sumber Mutiara Abadi
    Sumber Mutiara Abadi

    Sumber Mutiara Abadi is located at Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. This company was build since more than 10 years ago and already experience for wooden and rattan product. The company produces many kind of indoors and outdoors furniture, wooden Teak, and synthetic.

  • Prospek Manunggal Era Industri
    Prospek Manunggal Era Industri

    Prospek Manunggal Era Industri is furniture manufacturer that located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, which specializing in wicker furniture. The products are including; bedroom set, living room set, garden furniture, steel, antiques & stone (sand stone & chast stone) furniture.

  • Belik Agung Furniture
    Belik Agung Furniture

    Belik Agung Furniture offers quality traditional antique reproduction furniture have chairs, tables, armoires and more, after the fashions of Chippendale, Louis XV, American Victorian, and French Country Furniture. It is located in Jepara, Central Java.

  • Mag Furniture
    Mag Furniture

    Mitra Anugrah Gemilang is an Indonesian company that exclusively manufactures TV/Audio Video cabinets, and wall units made of laminated board. It is established since 1998 in Surabaya – Indonesia.