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Promoting The Product of Furniture from Central Java
Furniture from Central Java has long been renowned for good quality, art and competitive price read»

JavaFurniture.com: Not Only For Indonesian Exporter Of Furniture, But Also For All Of Furniture Importer From The Whole World

We Are The Truly Indonesia Furniture Center 

This furniture business trade directory is well designed to promote global business for international suppliers, manufacturers, traders, exporters, export agents and brokers of furniture, handmade products and Bali furniture through direct export marketing methods, such as direct email, fax, mailing and phone contact.

JavaFurniture.com is one division of IndonesiaCommerce.com Promotion, which particularly work to promote whom in charge in furniture product like Indonesia furniture and Java furniture, bamboo furniture, furniture product, teak wood furniture and its like. By giving you our services, we guarantee that your business will increasingly move to better because there will be more visitors to your website, both from local or foreign. That is why; your business will be an international export products. Beside, the foreign importer will have many sources about Indonesia furniture, and enable them to make transaction and doing furniture industry. We can say that we are the expert for doing furniture products.

JavaFurniture.com is a division of IndonesiaCommerce.com, was build in 1996 and become the biggest web in Indonesia for Internet promotion, especially for export product and tourism in the world. We have more than 20 promotion portals, which will categorizing your company website in order to enable the visitors to find your website.

The other division portals of IndonesiaCommerce.com are:
- Indonesia-Product.com is in charge in export product, with particular of FAST, CHEAP, EASY, and STEADY web-hosting.  Nowadays, IndonesiaProduct.com has more than 400 member who entrust their website to be promoted.

- Indonesia-Furniture.com is one furniture portal for the local exporter, this website is very popular in abroad and become a references for the foreign importers for looking the supplier in Indonesia.   Thousands of in Indonesia-Furniture.com visitors are coming from whole world.  Until this day, the member of this website is up to 100 website that coming from Furniture company in Indonesia.

- IndonesiaJewelry.com particularly take in charge to support your business segmented in Jewelry. About the product itself, it is include of: Gold, Silver, Ethnic Jewelry, Small Beads, Antiques and its like. We can help you to promote you website for more visitors in front of international.

- IndonesianNaturalStone.com is one portal from IndonesiaCommerce.com group which take in charge in website promotion segmented on Natural Stone Product. The product itself is about Jewelry, Small Beads, Gold, Silver, Ethnic Jewelry, Antiques and its like. We will promote your website in international world and to make your business getting better.

- IndonesiaGarment.com is a division of IndonesiaCommerce.com, which particularly work to promote whom in charge in Garment Product, such as; Clothes, Textile, Shoes and Sandals, Bags, Batik Cloth, Leather Product and its like.

- Indonesia-Tourism.com is one of Indonesia website with good recommended to promote the Indonesian tourism. This website has been believed to promote Indonesia tourism completely.

- Bali-Online.com will inform you many precious things before making a trip to Bali. We give you convenience when you are planning to go to Bali, because you will find out all the things you need when you are there, like the accommodation, include hotels, restaurants, travel agent, and tourism destination.

- Mid-Java.com is a portal to promote the export products and many other potential things, which come from Mid Java. Mid-Java.com is the solution for who want to promote their business to international markets.

- EastJava.com will give you the chance for the companies in East Java that want to join to be our member and get the facilities: good web hosting, guaranteed server to make your website visited by cyber-customer from international.

- IndonesiaWebPromotion.com is a division which specially in registering website on World Search-Engine, we can also give the guarantee to promote your website in front of the world, in order to make more visitors.

- Indonesia-Hosting.com is a division to serve web hosting. Since 1997 we continually explore our system and technology, our software, and give the brand new performance to enable the customers in taking care and developing their website and also increasing the security.

There are many portals that supporting www.IndonesiaCommerce.com, such as: www.Man-Design.com  www.Man-Scripts.com, www.Indonesia-Search.com and many more.


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