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Promoting The Product of Furniture from Central Java
Furniture from Central Java has long been renowned for good quality, art and competitive price read»

2005-05-13 15:18:54
Promoting The Product of Furniture from Central Java
One of the wood products that are very rapid growth in the last few decades is the furniture and furniture products. As household chores, furniture products have now become a large industry with a level of educated employment. Products of this type of principle are divided into two categories, namely garden furniture and indoor furniture.

Furniture from Central Java has long been renowned for good quality, art and competitive price. Many consumers in both domestic and international order that antique furniture, which even made new, but the process seems a product of old (antique). There are also products made from knob of trees with a touch of art so that the furniture products becomes a very interesting and has a high value sale. While the style and functional style, at the same time also developed rapidly with the increasing of demand for office and hotel that has grew rapidly in recent years, both inside and outside the country.

Furniture products, especially developed by the carver from Central Java based on their skills that inherited by their ancestor. In addition, in Semarang city found a vocational school specializes in design and engineering of wooden (PIKA) that produce high skills graduates. The PIKA graduates has become the backbone of furniture industry in Central Java who able to produce quality products and have high competitiveness. Central Java furniture product grew rapidly and grows in line with the increasing of demand from within and abroad, in good design, construction, style and its color. Some of the material made of wood, and at this time it more varied of raw material because it is no longer solely teak but also start using a lot of mahogany and other wood, and metal.

The centers of furniture production in Central Java has spread in Semarang city, Jepara regency, Klaten regency, Sukoharjo regency, Kudus regency, Rembang regency, Blora regency, Batang regency, Sragen regency. Investment in this product is still open with strict competition enough.

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